Memorial Columbarium

Christians have been buried within the community of the Church since the beginning of Christianity. Symbolic of the union among ancestors, the living and those to come, the Memorial Columbarium at Ascension Church serves as a final consecrated resting place for members of the church. It is a peaceful gathering place for families and friends as they remember loved ones who remain a part of this parish and the community.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a wall with an arrangement of niches holding urns containing the cremated remains of a deceased person as a permanent place of rest.

Where is the Memorial Columbarium?

The columbarium at Ascension is located outside, in the garden area along the west wall of the building. With an exterior of carnelian granite, the Memorial Columbarium creates a dignified place of rest for the departed and a place of peace and meditation for the living.

Memorial Columbarium

How many niches are there?

The Memorial Columbarium offers 136 individual or companion niches. Each niche holds one or more urns containing cremated remains.

How are the niches identified?

Enclosing each niche is a stone faceplate where the full name of each individual and the dates of his or her life will be inscribed. The faceplate is inscribed just prior to the inurnment.

Who can be inurned in the Memorial Columbarium?

At least one of the applicants for a niche in the Memorial Columbarium must be a member of The Church of the Ascension or have a significant connection with this parish or with the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.

What size are the niches? How many urns can fit inside?

There are two niche sizes available in the Memorial Columbarium. In the central area there are 128 niches, each measuring 8” x 8” each and able to hold two standard-size urns. The two columns at each end of the Memorial Columbarium contain 28 niches, each measuring 12” x 12” and able to hold up to four standard-size urns or two urns that are larger than the standard size.
When is a good time to consider purchasing a niche?

An early purchase is wise and an important part of your own end-of-life pre-planning. At the time of death, many decisions are required of a loved one’s family at a time when they are grieving and may in great distress. Help them by doing your own pre-planning.

How do I reserve a niche?

After making a decision to reserve a niche in the Memorial Columbarium, you will receive the Purchase Conditions document and Niche Application and Inscription forms to complete and sign. You will select the location of the niche out of the available spaces at the time of purchase. When the forms are completed and the payment has been made, you will receive a Certificate of Inurnment Rights. At that point, Ascension Church is obliged to reserve this niche for you and properly maintain the garden as a place of beauty and reverence.

Will there be a religious service held at the inurnment?

Yes. If the funeral for the deceased will be held at Ascension, the family and clergy will together plan the inurnment along with the service. Inurnment then typically follows the burial liturgy and reception at the church. In some cases a funeral or memorial service has already taken place and the cremains have been kept in the home or other place of honor. Clergy will be glad to meet with the family to plan a service specifically for inurnment which fittingly brings the urn to its final resting place.

Memorial Columbarium2

How much do the niches cost?

The 8” x 8” niche purchase price is $1500 for single use and $2000 for companion use; the 12” x 12” niche purchase price is $2500. The purchase price includes engraving of up to two surnames and the given names of the deceased as well as the years of birth and death of up to two individual inurned in the niche. Additional fees may apply; see the purchase price schedule for complete details. There is no cost to maintain the niche or the Memorial Columbarium. A fund has been created to provide for the perpetual stewardship of The Memorial Columbarium of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, and the ground and facilities surrounding it.

For additional information about the Memorial Columbarium, please contact the office at 651.439.2609 and request a Memorial Columbarium packet.

For so did you ordain when you created me, saying, “You are dust, and to dust you shall return.”