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Chaplaincy Association

Our community is unique in having a chaplaincy program serving all people. Lakeview Hospital is the Chaplaincy Association’s largest client, making it possible for a Chaplaincy Association to exist in the Valley.

Over and above the service to our hospital, the Chaplaincy Association serves many of the general public, such as those in grief support groups, people affected by regional catastrophes such as natural disasters, and those in assisted-living centers who do have a chaplain.

The Association provides chaplains in the hospital for people who do not have a church home or pastor to visit them. These chaplains may be first to respond to people who do have a pastor by letting their pastor know of their need. Chaplains have special training to work with spiritual perspectives of all varieties including those with no religious background.

The Association also provides a Pastoral Care Academy, open to all on the first Wednesday of the month, covering topics like “Suicide Response,” “Supporting Those with Cancer,” “Dealing with Domestic Abuse,” and more.

In these and other ways, the St. Croix Valley Chaplaincy Association serves many people in our community at some of the most difficult times in their lives. Please give generously in January to this worthy cause.

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