Senior Quilts 2016

In May, we presented quilts to 12 graduating high school seniors at Ascension. Photos of the quilts and seniors are now posted on the church website. Thanks to Mike Sebo for taking photographs of the quilts this year.

The Quilt Guild has been making quilts for graduating high school seniors since 1999. This is the main service project for the guild each year. Many parishioners have mentioned how much they enjoy Quilt Sunday and how meaningful the program is to them. The quilters receive heartfelt thank-you notes from the seniors; the quilts mean a lot to these students. Guild members enjoy making senior quilts and giving each graduating senior something to remind them of their Ascension church community.

The Quilt Guild would like to thank the church and our parishioners for their continuing support of the Quilt Guild and for the senior quilt program.

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