Serving in Worship


All members are welcome to participate in worship at Ascension. Serving in liturgy can make worship more vivid in our lives and is also a gift to others in the community. Each role has its responsibilities and requires a short training. If you would like to serve in worship, please contact the person listed below for each role.



Acolytes carry torches (candles) and the cross in worship and are great ways for children to participate in worship. These important symbols adorn our worship and raise its decorum, while the children engage more in what is going on and themselves serve as reminders of the kingdom. Children 3rd grade and older may serve as acolytes.

Email Connie Kurtz


Lector (Reader)

As the reader of the scriptures appointed for the day, a lector is the voice of God to the People. A lector leads us along a path in our tradition, pointing to the resonance of meaning and the jewels of story and poetry. Lectors create an experience with their voice as it interacts with the scriptures and the listeners.

Email Jacqueline Delahunt


Eucharistic Ministers (Cup Bearer)

Eucharistic Ministers serve wine from the chalices to the People following the Eucharistic prayer. They stand at the altar during the prayers as a human symbol of the People’s importance and participation in the prayers at Christ’s table. Eucharistic Ministers often also serve as lector or intercessor.

Email Buff Grace+  or call 651-439-2609 ext.11.



Ushers and Greeters serve important behind-the-scenes roles in worship. Ushers hand out service bulletins and help find seats for people, especially newcomers. They bring forward the bread and wine for Holy Communion, and they gather the People’s gifts for blessing on the altar. Greeters are present to welcome visitors and give an extra hand to families with young children or the elderly. They can answer questions about the church and help find the nursery or other needs.

Ushers Email Erik Sorensen


Altar Guild

Serving in the Altar Guild can be one of the most meaningful ways to serve in the church. Altar Guild members prepare the altar for worship each week and between services on Sunday. They care for the silver and other vessels used on the altar, the cloth hangings, the vestments, baptismal items, candles, and other items that adorn worship seasonally. This is a ministry of tangible prayer in which service through material objects comes through in our public worship.

Email Amy Krumenacker