The Bishop is Coming! May 24, 7:00 p.m.

Why is it important?

When a new member joins the church, a bishop welcomes the person by the laying on of hands.  A priest may baptize on behalf of the bishop, but it’s only through the bishop’s hands that one becomes an adult member of the Episcopal Church.  The bishop symbolizes the received wisdom of Jesus’ first apostles who witnessed the Resurrection.  Historically, we can trace a lineage of laying on of hands from our bishop all the way back to the early church.  The New Testament scriptures identify bishops (Episcopal comes from the Greek word “episcopos” meaning “bishop”) as the primary pastor of any Christian community.

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Our parish church is one of 100 faith communities in Minnesota which make up the Episcopal Church in Minnesota (ECMN).  Our bishop, the Right Reverend Brian N. Prior, leads all these faith communities. Clergy, and other leaders who serve in each place, do so under his direction.  Each of the 120 dioceses of the Episcopal Church is led and pastored by a bishop, who has full authority to guide and direct with no archbishop or other hierarchy over him or her.

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Bishops gather each year or more as a body called, the House of Bishops, to pray for the church, to discuss issues in society that involve the church, and to learn from and support one another.  In this way, they help unify the church, one of their primary tasks, which is specifically identified in their ordination vows in our prayer book.  Every 10 years all bishops from across the Anglican Communion are invited to gather at Lambeth Palace in Canterbury England.  The Episcopal Church is part of this communion made up of 77 million Christians from 500 dioceses in 164 countries.