Worship in Beauty.

. . . worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. — Psalm 29:2


In worship, we make a space of beauty and peace. There we hope to be touched by God and taste a little of heaven to carry us through our daily lives. The sun glinting in colorful Tiffany stained glass, the mellow tones of masterfully-carved 19th century wood, the sparkling in brass and silver accents: these create the rich stage of our prayer. We add to this prayers written by poets, fine vestments, scripture read aloud, and a wide variety of beautiful music.

From the complex harmonies of our 12-stop Dobson organ to the bright sound of the grand piano, from hand bells to recorder consort, from classical strings to jazz brass, our music does not simply accompany worship, but is given as worship itself. Likewise our youth and adult choirs give hours each week learning the anthems and hymns we sing.

Our sermons take scripture and tradition seriously while keeping those in vibrant conversation with our lives. From ageless spiritual wisdom to the front page news, from school and family and workplace to forgiveness, love, and mercy, our preachers inspire us, make us laugh, and get to the heart of our lives.