The Community of Hope is a spiritual formation training program shaped by prayer and Benedictine spirituality. It serves to equip laypersons to become pastoral caregivers in their homes, their workplaces and in various ministries within the church and community. The basis of Community of Hope is Benedictine spirituality, a devotion to the care of the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Such spirituality inspires individuals to seek balance and harmony in prayer, worship, silence, holy reading, work and service.  Upon completion of the training, participants may choose to be commissioned and become a part of our congregation’s Circle of Care which provides on-going opportunities for spiritual growth, as well as become a member of the Community of Hope International. Members may choose to serve as lay chaplains in various settings where their spiritual gifts are best suited for giving comfort and care to those in need.

All who are interested in deepening their own faith and prayer life are invited to inquire about the initial training. Contact Rev. Jayan at or speak with any of our current Lay Chaplains. To learn more about the international organization go to the Community of Hope International website.

We welcome inquiries from other religious groups and individuals.  Please contact Rev. Jayan at for more information.