An Introduction to Zen Bridge Community
Community Copyright  ZBC 2020
Zen Bridge Community (ZBC) is an experimental community based on Soto Zen Buddhist practice, traditions, & teachings.  Our mission is to engage in the practice of meditation, to reach out and serve the surrounding community through mindfulness and meditation instruction. Additionally, we seek to be a welcoming place for people interested in joining a supportive meditation community. Zen Bridge Community was founded in 2007 and began practicing in space at Ascension Episcopal Church at that time.  ZBC’s guiding-teacher is Rev. Dr. David Yotetsu Teschler.  ZBC is a 501-3c non-profit organization.
ZBC meets every Saturday morning at 7:30 AM for meditation. We meet in Ascension’s community room – please use the door to the left of the main entrance. The 1st bell beginning meditation is at 7:30, so please arrive before that time for some brief instruction & so that you can be on your chair or cushion for the beginning bell. If you miss the 1st bell just wait outside the room. You are free to join in at the walking meditation and/or for the 2nd sitting meditation session.
Meditation practice on Saturday is broken up this way:
•    Sitting meditation for 25 minutes, 7:30-7:55
•    Walking meditation for 10 minutes, 7:55-8:05
•    Sitting meditation for 25 minutes, 8:05-8:30
•    Dharma talk & discussion for 30-45 minutes, 8:30-9:15

ZBC began meeting virtually on Zoom during the Pandemic & Quarantine and we have continued our weekly practice using a hybrid format of in-person & online. If you are interested in joining the group online, please contact the office at Check out our website at or visit our Facebook page for more information. We offer additional online (Zoom) meditation sessions Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:00.