Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism is the sacrament through which we become full members of Christ’s Body, the Church. Whether eight days or 108 years, anyone may receive baptism at Ascension. In seeking baptism, an individual or family says, “I/We want to seek Christ in my/our life and want to join this community for the help and support everyone needs to walk in Christ’s footsteps.”

Baptism for Children

Having or adopting a baby is a momentous time in the life of new parents, new grandparents, and other family members. Baptism not only brings this new child into the Body of Christ, it offers a sacramental place for a family to give thanks to God for their child and all s/he will become. In Baptism, parents renew their own commitment to a life of faith and make a commitment to tend their child spiritually. They also give thanks that they are not alone, visibly honoring the family and friends who share that role and commitment with them.

For infants and small children, a priest will invite you to read a small book and meet to discuss Baptism and questions you may have. The priest will go over the liturgy with you so that you feel comfortable and can be present and enjoy the baptismal Sunday. For older children (up to about 12), a priest will meet with both parents and child to discuss baptism in terms that s/he can understand. For children over 12, we recommend the child join our confirmation class and receive baptism as part of his / her being confirmed by the bishop.

Baptism for Adults

For the earliest church, adult baptisms were the norm, and we still fully welcome and celebrate adults of any age receiving baptism. Adults go through similar months of learning and preparation as our young adults who are confirming the baptismal promises their parents made for them in infant baptism.

For either child or adult baptism please contact the Ascension office at 651-439-2609 or office@aechurch.com