Congratulations and blessings to you both!
Bells ringing from our 70 ft. tall bell tower, sunlight streaming through our authentic Tiffany stained glass windows, old wooden pews, gleaming brass altar candles, and soaring Victorian arches...

We are grateful for and proud of our beautiful worship space, and we welcome all couples who want to match the joy and dignity of their relationship with its surroundings on their wedding day.   The Episcopal Church is inclusive, meaning we welcome, honor, and bless couples of various sexual orientations.  

The Episcopal Church understands the purposes and blessings of a Christian marriage in specific ways, and we are glad to discuss how the church can support you as you begin married life together.  Or, if you prefer, we are happy for you to rent our facilities for use according to your own customs.

Please call (651) 439-2609 or email for more information about weddings at Ascension.