Meet Our Vestry Leaders

The Vestry is the leadership body that governs and guides our church. We are a community of lifelong learners who are free to question. We discern the Holy Spirit's desire for us by reading scripture, praying and listening to the people in our community.
Erik Sorensen
  • Treasurer, Leader of the Finance Committee
Don Greeley
  • Liaison to Food Pantry and Last Sunday Supper ministries, Lead of the Kitchen Guild, Security consultant to the Buildings & Grounds Committee
Andy Jenks
  • Jr. Warden, Liaison to Building and Grounds, Preservation Committee,Technology Committees.
Sarah DeWolf
  • Liaison to Worship committee, Active in Ascension choir, Vergers and wedding planning ministries.
Margaret Boettcher
  • Liaison to Music Discernment committee, Garden Parties Ministries, Kitchen Guild Committee
LeAnn Szczech
  • Liaison to Youth and Family Formation committee and Plaza project. Co-leads Events & Fundraising committee, GROW committee, Garden Party Ministries, Marketing/Social media/design lead, Outdoor Patio Committee
Joe Johnson
  • Newcomers, Sadat Family Coalition & Grow Committee, Boutwells Liason, Pastoral Care Assistant